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Email administrators are continuously in need of determining the status of a given message, whether because asked by a user about a message sent or received that did not reach its destination, or because they need to track an email for IT monitoring. This process typically requires searching through log files across multiple machines to piece together the email status.

MailFrontier Email Auditing tracks the status of any email that has been routed through the system, provides a complete audit log of all actions that have been taken on that message, states where the message is located, and even enables the administrator to retrieve the message with one click if the MailFrontier Archiving module is licensed.     

Email Auditing Can Track the Status of Any Email
In MailFrontier’s easy-to-use, Web-based administrative interface, the Email Auditing module makes it simple to conduct an inbound or outbound email audit, using a variety of flexible search parameters. Administrators can search messages by the sender, recipient, date, subject, or even location of the message.

MailFrontier Makes It Easy to Conduct Inbound and Outbound Email Audits

Once the desired email has been located, detailed status information can be viewed, showing the email’s trail through the system. Every step that the email took is documented and displayed. For example, the Message Audit screen shows the IP address of the sending server, time and date sent, encryption protocol used, actions taken on the message on a per-recipient basis, and more. This complete audit trail makes it easy for administrators to understand and answer questions instantly about email traffic.  

Detailed Status Information
With MailFrontier Email Auditing, emails flowing through MailFrontier Gateway are displayed in real time, enabling the administrator to confirm the system is working appropriately and to assist end users with the status of emails. Administrator will be able to get detailed information on emails that have gone through the system.