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Supported Platforms
Windows 2000/XP
Microsoft Outlook 2000/2002/2003
Microsoft Outlook Express 5.0/5.5/6.0
Checks email received via POP, IMAP, Exchange, and MSN
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MailFrontier Desktop Features
Automatic set-up – learns your email friends and foes automatically
Bayesian content filtering – advanced spam blocking techniques
Spam blocker aggressiveness sliders – puts you in control
Anti-phishing protection– patent pending anti-phishing techniques
Allowed/Block lists – for People, Companies, and Lists
Challenge/Response – challenge all, some, or none of your email
MailFrontier SMART Network–world-wide community based protection
Foreign language blocking – blocks spam by language
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Easy to use with power to spare!
When MailFrontier Desktop is installed it starts working immediately to block and remove junk email from your inbox. There are no rules you need to create, no lists to populate, nothing - we do all that for you. What's more, as you use MailFrontier Desktop it will continue to learn about the email that you don't like and get even better at protecting your inbox.

If you desire, you have the power to change the aggressiveness of the spam detection settings, update your own allowed/block lists, use challenge/response, and even block all email in a specific language. So whether you're a novice or a power-user you'll find MailFrontier Desktop exactly what you need keep your inbox clean.

Advanced anti-spam/anti-phishing protection for today and tomorrow
MailFrontier Desktop delivers the highest level of anti-spam and anti-phishing protection available in one easy to use solution. Our advanced patent-pending email protection techniques virtually eliminate all junk email from your inbox. What's more, MailFrontier Desktop is always getting better. Utilizing our world-wide MailFrontier SMART Network we see, recognize, and block new spam and phishing outbreaks within minutes, leaving your inbox safe from the latest threats while you sleep, while you work, and while you play. That's why we believe: Email is Good Again!